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Alimony allows for people who are unhappy with a marriage to leave despite their financial situation. Yet, it is a contentious subject that can cause a significant amount of strife in an already fraught situation.

At Tri-Cities Family Law, our Kennewick alimony lawyer can assist you with the process of paying or receiving alimony when your marriage ends. We understand this may be a tough time for you and your family, so we provide compassionate representation, personalized attention, and budget-friendly options for all our clients. If you are concerned about how your divorce will affect your financial situation, reach out to us to discuss your situation and to learn how we can help.

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What Is Alimony?

Under some circumstances, the court can order one spouse to pay money to help support the other spouse when they get a divorce. The award of alimony—or “spousal maintenance” as it is called in Washington State—is determined either by the court or an agreement of the parties.

Alimony was created for circumstances in which one spouse depends on the other for financial support. It provides a cushion for the financially dependent individual, allowing them to leave their marriage even if they can’t fully support themselves. Alimony payments typically last until the financially dependent ex-spouse either remarries or becomes financially secure.

How Is Alimony Determined in Washington?

Since alimony is determined by court order, the court must approve of the payments as well as a set amount before you are able to receive spousal support. Many factors aside from each spouse’s income and assets must be considered to determine how much alimony must be paid and to whom.

In determining the appropriate amount and length of spousal maintenance, the court considers:

  • The financial resources of the party seeking maintenance (including the consideration of child support paid to the party requesting spousal maintenance),
  • The time necessary for the party requesting maintenance to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the party seeking maintenance to find appropriate employment,
  • The standard of living established during the marriage or domestic partnership,
  • The length of the marriage or domestic partnership,
  • The age and physical condition of the person seeking spousal maintenance, and
  • The ability of the other spouse to pay spousal maintenance while meeting his or her own needs.

How Long Does Alimony Last in WA?

Washington State generally awards a year of maintenance for every three to four years of marriage.

A judge in Washington family court determines the duration of alimony payments. It's often said that judges in Washington award alimony for a length that equals approximately 25% of the length of the marriage.

Ultimately, the court determines the length of alimony on a case-by-case basis. In that case, you should speak with our alimony attorney to discuss your case and how spousal support may be affected.

Types of Spousal Maintenance

Washington courts may order alimony for several reasons. For example, an unemployed person may require continued financial support from their former spouse until they can get a job. People seeking alimony should be familiar with the different types so they understand what their options are.

The following are the different types of spousal maintenance available in Washington:

  • Compensatory Maintenance: If a spouse has already contributed a significant amount of financial assistance to the other for education or training related to their employment, the latter may be asked to repay the former for their help in the past.
  • Disability Maintenance: If a spouse is living with a disability, they may request alimony from the other to get the medical care and assistance they need.
  • Rehabilitative Maintenance: If a spouse has been out of the workforce for a number of years (working as a stay at home mom or dad, for instance), then they may request payments from the other to help them receive the education and training they require to reintegrate themselves back into the workforce.
  • Temporary Maintenance: If a spouse only requires financial support during divorce proceedings, they may request alimony for a short period of time to get them through the process.

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Divorce tends to cause a myriad of financial problems, but it doesn’t have to force you to face financial insecurity. One of the best ways to maintain your lifestyle and successfully leave your spouse for the court to grant alimony. If your former spouse does not keep up with alimony payments, they may face penalties. There’s no reason for you to suffer economic hardship as the cost of leaving a marriage that isn’t working for you. Contact our experienced and effective alimony lawyer now to learn more about your options and how Tri-Cities Family Law can help.

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