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Securing Fair ArrangementsFor Child Support in the Tri-Cities Area

According to state law in Washington, both parents must provide financial support for their children. Therefore, child support matters will need to be determined in a variety of circumstances, including divorce, modifications, and several other family law cases involving children.

Tri-Cities Family Law understands the ins and outs of child support, how it relates to other aspects of local and federal law, and the ways in which it has an impact on children and their families. Our Kennewick child support lawyer and her team will collaborate with you as well as each other to examine your situation and potential outcomes from all angles in pursuit of the best result. Whether you require assistance determining your child support payments or getting your ex-spouse to cooperate with terms, we will do our best to help you secure the fair and just arrangement both you and your children deserve.

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Child Support Calculations in Washington

Child support can be determined through an administrative process set forth by the Department of Social and Health Services under certain circumstances. Child support can also be determined by the court. The legislature has directed the court to ensure that the child support orders are adequate to meet the basic needs of the children.

Child support is generally determined by considering the combined monthly net income of both parents and determining the basic support obligation for the number of children in the family based on the child support economic table. The basic support obligation is then divided proportionately between the two parents to determine what each parent’s potential transfer payment would be, otherwise known as the standard calculation for support.

For a general idea of what a standard child support calculation is, you can run a quick calculation on the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) website. Help can also be found on their website for assistance in preparing child support worksheets.

The court has the authority to order a parent to pay more or less than, or to deviate from, the standard calculation. Children from other relationships and joint custodial arrangements are just a few reasons why the court could deviate from the standard calculation. Deviations are left to the discretion of the court based on the financial circumstances in each household and are generally not granted if the deviation would result in financial hardship in the receiving parent’s household or if the child receives public assistance.

A child support order will generally order parents to share certain expenses that are not included in the transfer payment such as uncovered medical expenses, daycare expenses, educational expenses, or long-distance transportation expenses. The court can also allocate how the tax exemptions for the child may be used by the parties.

Once child support has been determined, it can be reviewed as a matter of right every two years. If there has been a change in the financial circumstances of one or both parties, the court can review the child support order sooner.

How Are Child Support Payments Enforced?

People who owe child support aren’t always keen on paying it. Your ex-partner may refuse to pay entirely, fail to disclose their income has changed, or hide financial assets in an attempt to keep them from being “taken advantage” of. If the other parent of your child refuses to pay child support, we can help you file a motion of contempt in court. Such a motion or “enforcement action” will bolster your claim to receive child support so that you are able to receive the amount to which you are legally entitled by the courts.

Can Parents Agree to No Child Support in Washington State?

Parents can agree to waive child support in Washington state once the court approves the agreement, but this is a rare occasion. Child support is a fundamental legal obligation from a parent to a child. In Washington, the child support laws presume both parents owe support to their minor children.

In the event that you are not married to the father or mother of your children, you must be able to establish the other’s paternity through either the child’s birth certificate or a paternity test. If one parent refuses to comply (this typically manifests when a father tries to elude paternity since the identity of a child’s mother is more obvious, but not exclusively), you can file a lawsuit against them to force them to do so. Once paternity has been established, the court will issue a child support order similar to those provided in a divorce situation.

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Whether you are facing a routine or complicated child support situation, the Tri-Cities Family Law team can help you receive the funds you deserve as well as fight for other rights you and your children are entitled to when it comes to child support. Our Kennewick child support lawyer focuses on clients and their unique needs to come up with solutions that put you and your children first.

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