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Are you and your partner considering ending your long term relationship? Rather than go the traditional divorce route if you’re married (or if you’re in a non-traditional partnership), you may want to consider mediation instead. Mediation is a process that allows you to settle your issues by collaborating with your partner and a neutral third party to come up with solutions that work best for everyone involved.

Mediation can help resolve issues such as:

Providing Alternative Solutions to Divorce

At Tri-Cities Family Law, our Kennewick mediation attorney can help you settle your divorce and other related matters without ever stepping into a courtroom. Mediation is also a great option for domestic partners, people in committed intimate relationships the state of Washington deems “marriage like,” and those who are unmarried but share assets and/or children.

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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where the divorcing parties meet with a neutral third party in an attempt to resolve their dispute on their own terms, rather than have the decision be passed down by a judge or jury. Mediation generally offers the parties the opportunity to resolve their dispute through a mutual agreement that best suits the parties’ circumstances that costs substantially less than litigation.

Benefits of mediation include:
  • Unlike with divorce proceedings, what happens during mediation doesn’t go on the public record, making the process more private and confidential.
  • Mediation is typically far quicker and cheaper than divorce.
  • It is also generally less argumentative than divorce.
  • Mediation doesn’t involve any trials or hearings.
  • You can still work with a lawyer to get legal advice and help.
  • Most mediation sessions end by successfully settling all issues.
  • If the mediation process proves unsuccessful, you are your partner are free to try the more traditional approach to divorce.

What Happens if Couples Cannot Resolve Their Issues Through Mediation?

Mediation is encouraged and generally required by the courts. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own to resolve their disputes, the court can order certain services geared toward assisting the parties in settling their matter or providing the court with more information.

Guardian Ad Litems

If the parties cannot reach an agreement on how to share their children a guardian ad litem (or GAL) will be appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the parties’ child or children. A guardian ad litem is a neutral party who has undergone special training to qualify them for their assignments by the court. Guardian ad litems investigate allegations, meet with the parties and children, and ultimately make recommendations to the court as to what parenting plan is in the best interests of the children.

Settle Your Dispute on Your Terms by Contacting Our Mediation Attorney

The end of a marriage can be a complicated and harrowing affair. Mediation can make the process far smoother and substantially less painful. However, mediation isn’t for everyone. If both you and your partner are willing to undergo a divorce and are on a roughly level playing field, we highly recommend considering mediation as an option throughout the divorce process.

Couples whose relationships have been defined by abuse or other imbalances of power may want to consider traditional divorce instead. Mediation will probably also fail if one of the parties in the relationship does not consent to the separation, is dishonest about their financial situation, or poses other such issues that jeopardize the separation.

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